In this Google Earth aerial photo I have highlighted the area I believe the Kings Mill Roman coin hoard was found. The evidence given of the find is ...'in a pot 2 feet deep in a field near Kings Mill in 1849 by railway workers working on the Mansfield & Pinxton railtrack....' The realignment of the corner at Kings Mill can clearly be seen top right but this work was carried out in 1871. In 1849 the M&P line was upgraded to smooth out parts of the track. The highlighted circle shows the track near Kings Mill where it ran before 1849 running around a rise in the field. The Midland Railway workers realigned the track straight through the hump by removing the top-soil - this surely must have been the spot along this 200 yard stretch. Other coin hoards in the Mansfield area have been unearthed around the Nortthfield Roman Villa by the River Meden at Pleasley Vale. Maybe the Kings Mill hoard was buried on a route from Northfield villa to the west of Kirkby, used to obtain the shallow coal deposits. Coal was found in the excavations at Northfield Roman Villa and at the Sookholm Roman tile kiln.


Here we have (left) Mansfield councilors & families sailing on the reservoir probably an opening ceremony of the sailing club. I have no date but judging by those 'stovepipe toppers' I'd guess at 1840-1850. In the background is top of Skegby Lane descending to Sutton Road and the future site of Kings Mill Hospital.

On the right we have a picture taken in the 1950's. In the background is 'Summit' Colliery' at Kirkby with the Forest Works centre left.