The picture left shows the River Maun flowing behind the dam from the overflow. Next to the overflow, at the bank of the reservoir, is an old sluice that was probably the original overflow system that ran into the dyke pictured left. My guess is that the current overflow system was not part of the original plan and was added after the mill was flooded in 1839!

An old sluice now buried in the bank. This once regulated the flow of water to Kings Mill from the reservoir.


If you are a regular walker at the reservoir, you will recognise this footbridge over the overflow. I have superimposed this old image of the Mill onto the new image using the wall and the old footbridge to the right as markers. During its final years it was used as an animal feed processing mill until a serious fire collapsed the internal timber floors. It remained derelict for many years until it was cleared to make way for a housing development during the 1970's.